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Hi there.. It’s been so long since I last updated my blog. Oh wells… I guess the last update I did was in year 2009 or 2010. Here’s to 2012 although it’s a lil too late. =) First of to keep you guys updated about year 2011, I’ve been i the UK for my studies for almost 2 years now. Life here is not too bad I guess. About my relationship, we’re taking a pause moment to revive things back to normal. I guess it’s the distance although it has never been the reason to our relationship. I guess there is no such thing as distance is the problem or I can’t wait that long or whatsoever. It’s whether you want it or not and all it requires is determination and enthusiasm. And our problem was enthusiasm heading for the drain. So yeah, the temporary break was needed. My summer was not too bad for 2011. Meet some new buddies and had a great time with my family travelling to Aussie. I guess I miss home a lot.. who doesn’t, being half the globe away from home…

My best moments was when my sisters are just next to me… ❤
They are always the other half that completes the me… 

Next my beloved brother and best friend.. Long Life Childhood Friend!

Our crazy moments together..

My best friend and our date..

More updates..

New buddies met..

Family Time at E&O for mum’s birthday..

Bobby’s nuisance act..

So these the some of the things I did over the Summer for 2011. Isn’t really as fun as I wanted due to unplanned moments.. As for my first welcome back Summer style, I went for a beach look and a more clean natural makeup. I miss the beach and the sun and all that we are able to do back home. So yes, I’m making the best I can for Summer 2011.

So my quick update about Summer 2011 is done. Let’s now welcome my 2nd year in the UK as being 2012. This year is like my all. I turn 21 this year and many great friends here really helped me celebrate a memorable birthday. My birthdays have always been ordinary. Therefore, this is not what I expected but yea.. I had fun.. <3s

My 21st balloon.. <3s

My dress for my 21st dinner party at Jamie’s Italian..

He gave me a teddy bear!! =)

Best cake ever in the UK!

Nice presents from friends.. LOVE!!!

My very own present to compliment the other, the Naked 2 palette!

I had a great time for my birthday although I really wish my parents were here and so is all my BFFs and close friends. Though this is the very first birthday without them, I’m glad I had a change for the very first time. As an extra, my mum send me a really nice message at 12.00am on my birthday wishing me and blessing me with having all the things I’ve ever wanted to pursue. P.S.: Mum, I wouldn’t have done it without you, neither have them without having you. Love you always.. =) 

So here goes, Summer 2012 is almost here. Yeah, I skipped Winter 2012 and Spring 2012. Weather here for 2012 is nonsense. No snow, strong wind, thicker coat, no fun. But lately, the sun has been shinning bright and strong an here goes to all the babes in the world, LET’S SUMMER PARTY 2012 like no tomorrow with our hot shorts and sexy spaghettis’ with cool shades and awesome awesome gladiators and say bye to our thick furry coats. The sun is just all we need. Reminds me of the beach so much so yeah, Bobby promised me a nice beach outing as our very first Easter holiday day. Missing the ocean and sandals and definitely bikinis.. Don’t forget SUNBLOCK!!! 

My style for this year, TRIBAL!

As an early stress release hang out, me and some of my local friends had some nice chilling under the sun…

Arif portraying how to do yoga..

When the sun comes up!

Just the way we do our groceries.

As I’ve said, everything just seem to get better when the sun comes up. Here goes to one of my buddy Eric’s birthday and how we enjoyed it.

Just some of our crazy posses..

A new friend made.. 

Just the girls chilling…

Here’s all of the latest updates… Till then I’ll see you guys soon.. Real soon with all my latest updates possible.. Have fun and party..
We work hard, but play hard as well!! ❤